Saturday, November 7, 2009

Who needs a life when... work full time
...go to school
...applications to fill out
...decisions to make

It seems that all I have been up to lately is work, class and the homework. I wonder when the fun will come. It comes, but not as much as I wish it did but i do find time at least a few days a week. It makes the time when I go home something to look forward to. I am excited to go home this weekend, I have so much going on that it makes the time I spend working hard and doing my homework well worth it. I am excited to go to Disney on Ice and a big family party with everyone for my grandparents! I will hopefully take pictures of the adventures to post!
- Tiffany


Michael and Jillian said...

you should come home every day. that would be very "fun"

Natalie said...

So I was reading this and just read DISNEY and I was going to freak out if you were going to Disneyland with out me!! I am excited to see you this weekend!!