Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bryce Canyon

Another check on the list of things to do in Southern Utah! I have decided that after being in Southern Utah for the last 3 years, that there is still so much that I have not seen and done. I have now made a list of things to do. I was able to go to Bryce Canyon this last weekend with some friends. It was so fun, what a beautiful place it is. We have so many National Parks that are amazing and yet I haven't taken full advantage of this. So i am trying my hardest to do that now!

Nate and I


Michael and Jillian said...

finally! its about time i saw what you were doing, and who you are doing it with!


Natalie said...

WHO's NATE??? Looks like fun! Still never been there!

Alicia said...


Glad you updated the blog!

I love Bryce Canyon... its so pretty there. Go to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon- its gorgeous.

arrowheadbb said...

The Bryce Canyon is a perfect place for me when it come for my family vacations.

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