Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bryce Canyon

Another check on the list of things to do in Southern Utah! I have decided that after being in Southern Utah for the last 3 years, that there is still so much that I have not seen and done. I have now made a list of things to do. I was able to go to Bryce Canyon this last weekend with some friends. It was so fun, what a beautiful place it is. We have so many National Parks that are amazing and yet I haven't taken full advantage of this. So i am trying my hardest to do that now!

Nate and I


I have taken up the sport of golfing over the summer. I have had so much fun going out golfing with many different people and learning how to be better. I never knew how fun it could be. I have started to love it, even though it is the most inconsistant sport I think it is great. I have loved being able to go with my dad and brothers and just have fun! I had the chance to even go to Milford with my friend and play the Windy Five! I have always heard that it was such a fun course to play so my friend that is from there took me. What a cute little town as well as course. It was so fun!
I hope that I can keep up my golfing skills because I love it!


Wow, I am so good at blogging.

I have decided I am offically the worst blogger ever. I wish my life was more interesting so that I could blog more but I will try to update my blog a little more frequently. We will see how it goes.